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Noorani Qaida – Quranic Qaida (iOS and Android)

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Noorani Qaida – Quranic Qaida (iOS and Android)

Post by iamqasim on Thu Jan 08, 2015 4:56 pm

In the life after death or in eternal life, only good deeds will be beneficial. As only the rewards which are continuous in nature will have a positive effect even after the death of the person who did it occurs. On the day of judgement, the rewards of each and every person will be given a weight. One of the examples of good deeds is if someone have built a mosque and it is being used for the prayer, then there will be rewards for every prayer. To help Muslim kids learn how to read and pronounce the Arabic, an Arabic alphabet related app named as Noorani Qaida has been developed.

The list given below includes the features;
1) Beautiful Alphabet Designs – The beautiful designs of alphabets in the graphics of alphabets and phrases help us know how they are structured. Good combination of colors has been used in order to build the phrases.

2) Chapters are of Progressive in Nature – The chapters of the Noorani Qaida are 17 in total. However, if one has a prior knowledge, then he or she may start from the coming or next chapters instead of starting from Chapter 2.

3) Complete Course of Training:- Not only learning how the reading of Arabic is done, but also how the listening of it is done. You not only learn the speaking, but also listening process.

4) Goal – Complete Reading Capacity:- Once you have completed all the chapters, you should be able to read or recite any Ayath or any Surah the person wants.


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