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Step By Step Salah - Namaz Guide

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Step By Step Salah - Namaz Guide

Post by fawadkhan1 on Thu Dec 29, 2016 7:37 pm

Step by Step Salah is an android application for Muslims. It guides to learn Salah in steps with the help of Audio & Poses images. It provides Prayer time table with reminder & various Adhan. You can view daily prayers with number of rakats in each salah. Also learn about occasional prayers added in the app.

Unique Features:

Experience a simple one tap menu to view different app options like:
• Daily prayers
• Occasional Prayers
• Wudu (Ablution)
• Prayer Timings
• Making Up
• Benefits & Blessings

Daily Prayers:
• For All 5 Prayers , this Part helps about number of Rakats for example Mandatory (Fard), Sunnah Emphasized (Sunnat e Moqada), Sunnah Gher Mu`akkadah, Nafil Mustahab, Witr, Wajib for each prayer.

Occasional Salah

This Section includes Jumma Prayer, Funeral (Namaz e Janazah), Tasbeeh (Salatul Tasbeeh), Salat al Istikhara and Eid Prayer


Learn Namaz Rules in this section. It covers topics of complete Cleanliness, performing Wudu, Covering all Body parts with keeping Time of the prayer in mind as a priority.
Making up

This category aware Muslims about the significance of carrying out Missed Salah, how to offer Qaza Namaz and performance of missed Salat under different situations. It also lets you know about common Mistakes that occur during routine prayers.


This section provide you accurate prayer times for 5 time prayers
By different information sources of current Location, Juristic (Hanfi, Shafi), Calculation methods (WML, Makkad, Karachi, ISNA, Tahran, Egypt) and Latitude (Angle Based, Mid Night, One Seventh). It also informs about the upcoming Namaz instance in three different Adhan Sounds.

Benefits and Blessings:

As the Section name indicated, Benefits and blessings of prayers are included in separate area. Blessings of prayers cover.
Funeral Prayers, Jumma Prayers, Salaat ul Tasbeeh, Tasbeeh Prayers, and Eid Prayer, All Daily Prayers. Also Significance of prayers are included.

To Conclude it’s a great Salah (namaz) guide for all Muslim Brithers & Sisters


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