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Six kalma app to learn all 6 kalimas of Islam

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Six kalma app to learn all 6 kalimas of Islam

Post by fawadkhan1 on Tue Sep 22, 2015 6:08 pm

Six kalma of Islam is a brilliantly designed android and ios Smartphone application to learn and recite 6 important klaimas of Islam. Listen audio recitation and read translation in English and Urdu. Transliteration feature helps to practice exact Arabic pronunciation. It provides a convenient Learning and teaching for your children

Main Features:

1. Six kalimas in Arabic:

Get all six kalimas in Arabic, from first kalma to sixth kalma in a simplified manner.

2. Translation in English and Urdu:

Understand the meaning of kalimah in the language that suits you the best

3. Transliteration in English:

It helps to easy pronounce the Arabic words

4. Beautiful audio recitation:

Arabic recitation for every kalma

5. Excellent graphics:

Graphics used are really beautiful and soothing that will engage you while learning

6. Other options:

This app contain other features like play resume and stop buttons and sharing app on social media with your friends
For me it’s the best and important app for us, free to download. So every Muslim should have this app installed in his or her smart phone. Heartiest congratulations


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