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Never Miss Prayer

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Never Miss Prayer

Post by usmanahmed on Wed Dec 24, 2014 4:34 pm

It is mandatory on every Muslim to offer prayer five times a day. In addition there are many rewards and virtues, associated with offering Muslim prayer. All most all of us admit with proud that we are the followers of Islam. But when it comes to prove with the acts many of us don’t go to mosque. The place I am living right now has more than 2000 Muslim residents but in the Magrib (After Evening Muslim prayer) there are hardly 20 to 40 people in the mosque. I am reviewing a smart phone Muslim Prayer App (Never Miss Prayer) so that I can play my part. If you own an android or IOS phone you must this app. This app will remind you at the time of prayer and at least you realize 5 times a day that you have missed 5 prayers.

Features of Never Miss Prayer app
Download Muslim Prayer App for IOS

Prayer Alarm
This app takes your location automatically and ping you at the time of prayer.  You can also change your location plus you can also set the prayer times manually to meet the timing of your local Mosque.

Triggers to Turn off Alarm
In this app this is an interesting feature. You can set number of taps, Number of shakes and a quiz question for turning off the alarm. you can set the same trigger for every prayer or different trigger for each prayer.


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